Helping businesses to enter Turkish and Iraqi markets

Internationalization and consulting services.

IR-Service Oy’s vast and reliable network of contacts helps your business to gain access to the cabinets of true import. We offer comprehensive consulting and internationalization services to businesses looking to enter into Turkish and Iraqi markets, from searching partners all the way up to the signing stage.

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No one said starting out in international trade would be easy: all the research, networking, traveling… We offer businesses additional resources to help tackle these challenges head on. Familiarize yourself with the tools we are offering below and let’s find out together which of our services is right for your company.


How to take your company global? With our international experience, we can do all the necessary groundwork in your behalf. We will search for new clients and handle all the preliminary negotiations in Turkey and Iraq, making it unnecessary for you to send a member of your team into unknown territory. We offer support all the way up to the signing stage.


This is a great time to expand your operations into Turkey and Iraq. The new age of rebuilding offers plenty of opportunities for all types of businesses. With our vast network of contacts, you can find the best partners available. We also organize high-level delegation visits to Turkey and Iraq for our clients.


Did you know that we can find funding for your company? Whether we are talking about a business looking to grow or an investor looking to invest, we can find the best sources of funding and the most lucrative investment opportunities.


The many beneficial services we are offering to growth-oriented companies include consulting, project management and corporate group projects. We also offer variety of payment options from commission to retainer and success fee-models.

Great values drive success

We believe that when cultures learn from each other in the spirit of honesty and cooperation, the results will benefit all the parties involved. We Finns are known for our honesty, and it is this sincere attitude our partners value so much. After all, our existence as a thriving business depends on nurturing ethical relationships with all the people we have business dealings with.


IR-Service Oy is a Finnish consulting company founded in 2011. Our mission is to consult and serve businesses looking to enter into Turkish and Iraqi markets. We have a large network of personal business contacts across the world, and our consultants have extensive experience at enhancing the foreign trade of our clients.

Succeeding in international trade requires personal contacts. As an official Finnish representative of the Association of Turkey-Iraq Businessmen and Industrialists (TISIAD), IR-Service Oy’s vast pool of contacts are at your disposal. Our long-term business relationships with the enterprises and administrations in the region not only expedite but also stabilize our clients’ international operations.

IR-Service Oy started Turkish-Iraqi-operations in 2014. From that point on our network of contacts have grown steadily and now includes many important people both from the private and public sectors.

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